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Mission Community Bank is now … Heritage Oaks Bank

Mission Community Bank has merged with Heritage Oaks Bank.  Although the name of your bank has changed, you will continue to receive the exceptional personalized customer service you have come to rely on from our dedicated banking staff.

Website Security
spacerHeritage Oaks Bank protects our customers’ confidential information using industry-standard processes and technologies. In recent news stories you may have heard of a flaw called “Heartbleed” in a common Internet security protocol known as Open SSL. We are pleased to announce that a scan of our websites determined that we do not have the Heartbleed security vulnerability. We’d like to remind you that you should not use the same username and password for multiple Internet accounts.  Other commonly used Internet sites have reported that they are vulnerable to the Heartbleed Open SSL bug.  If you are using the same username and password for many different websites, we suggest you change your online banking password. 

spacerOnline Banking Services
spacerWhile we are fully merging our systems, which is scheduled to be completed this summer, please continue to access your Mission eBanking and Business eBanking online banking services using the options on the left.

spacerBusiness as Usual
spacerYour accounts will continue to operate as they have previously. Your account numbers will remain the same. You can continue to use the checks you currently have. Your debit cards, ATM cards, automated transactions such as direct deposit or automated clearing house transactions and your online banking and bill pay services will all continue to operate as they have previously. We will communicate with you regarding any potential changes that may occur with your accounts – until then, it will be business as usual!

spacerMission Community Bank offices remain open,
plus Heritage Oaks Bank offices are ready to serve you!

spacerOffices of the former Mission Community Bank remain open, and now you have the added convenience of being served by banking professionals at the Heritage Oaks Bank offices listed below.  In addition, you will be able to use Heritage Oaks Bank ATMs for withdrawals without being charged a surcharge.

Former Mission Community Bank offices:

Arroyo Grande 1530 East Grand Avenue (805) 473-1988
Atascadero 7480 El Camino Real  (805) 466-7087
Paso Robles  1240 Spring Street (805) 237-4200
San Luis Obispo 581 Higuera Street (805) 782-5000
Santa Maria 1825 South Broadway (805) 621-5200

Heritage Oaks Bank full-service offices:

Arroyo Grande 1255 East Grand Avenue (805) 489-5260
Atascadero  9900 El Camino Real (805) 466-7900
Cambria 2255 Main Street (805) 927-1135
Morro Bay  898 Morro Bay Blvd  (805) 771-1950
Paso Robles 545 12th Street (805) 369-5200
Paso Robles 400 South River Road (805) 239-5299  
San Luis Obispo 1135 Santa Rosa Road (805) 544-7200
San Luis Obispo 1501 Froom Ranch Way (805) 549-8600
Santa Barbara 1035 State Street (805) 899-4300
Santa Maria  2339 South Broadway (805) 621-5400
Santa Maria 361 Town Center West (805) 346-8000
Templeton  1255 Las Tablas Road  (805) 369-5190

Click here for more information about the Heritage Oaks Bank offices.

spacerContact Us

24-hour Telephone Banking   (877) 475-2265
Online Banking Support
       Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
       Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
(805) 269-0015
To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card (800) 554-8969
To report a lost or stolen Credit Card (800) 367-7576

spacerFDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage
spacerIf you currently have accounts at both Mission Community Bank and Heritage Oaks Bank, you will have overlapping FDIC deposit insurance coverage for a period of six months where your accounts will maintain their separate insurance. After the six month period ends, all of your accounts will be aggregated for purposes of determining your maximum FDIC deposit insurance coverage. For certificate of deposit accounts, this overlapping insurance coverage will be extended beyond this six-month period if within the six-month period the account matures and you roll it over for the same amount and for the same term. In this case, the overlapping insurance coverage will exist until the first maturity after the end of the six-month period.

spacerWe look forward to serving you!   
spacerYour previous banking relationship with Mission Community Bank is greatly appreciated and we hope to continue serving you as Heritage Oaks Bank.


For information about Heritage Oaks Bank financial services
visit www.HeritageOaksBank.com



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